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Aruba PRO XL Fiber (Download 1 Gbps - Upload 500 Mbps)1
Fee 55.50 + VAT/month
Wi-Fi 6 router rental Included
Phone line Included
Calls included: Landlines and mobiles in Italy (unlimited)
  Landlines and mobiles in zone ITZ 1 (400 minutes per month)2
Calls per use: Phone price list for international calls and special numbers
Download 10 Gbps (optional)3 19.67 + VAT/month
Static IPv4 address (optional) Included
Potential extra costs
Unnecessary intervention during activation 65.57 + VAT
Unnecessary intervention during on-site assistance 73.76 + VAT
Custom installation 57.37 + VAT

1 Offer subject to location restrictions. If you already have a compatible FTTH connection, you can switch to Aruba and still use the same network infrastructure.
2 To call Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland (including the Aland Islands), France, Germany, Great Britain, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Monaco, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain (including the Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, USA. Does not include calls to mobiles in Great Britain, Andorra, Switzerland and Monaco.
3 Not available in sections of FTTH network which are subject to restrictions, the service already includes 2,5 Gbps Upload.