Aruba Digital Clearing House Solution

An eIDAS turnkey solution for achieving compliance automation and verification in accordance with Gaia-X rules.

What it’s about

The Aruba Digital Clearing House (DCH) is your one-stop solution to access the Gaia-X ecosystem.

Our platform simplifies the process of ensuring compliance for your services.

How does it work

Aruba DCH Solution serves as the comprehensive onboarding gateway to federated ecosystems like Gaia-X.

Aruba functions for Gaia-X DCH

(added value)

  • Verifiable Credentials as a Service
  • Catalogue as a Service
  • Data Space as a Service
  • Verifiable Credential wallet as a Service
  • ...other features coming soon

Vanilla Gaia-X Compliance Engine


  • Compliance
  • Registry
  • Notary

Choose us to:

  • directly access Gaia-X as a participant through Aruba DCH Solution
  • benefit from Aruba's cloud infrastructure compliance, as well as eIDAS or SSL certificates
  • achieve guaranteed interoperability, portability and data sovereignty

About Us

Aruba is a Day-1 Member of Gaia-X and also part of the Lighthouse project Structura-X.

Aruba is a European Cloud and Trust Services provider. The company owns a European network of data centers and has developed unique expertise within the data center sector. Aruba also designs and builds its own Italian data centers, compliant with the highest industry standards (Rating 4 ANSI/TIA-942), featuring 'green by design' infrastructure that maximizes energy-efficiency and minimizes environmental impact.

Aruba is also a founding member of CISPE (2016), the association of cloud infrastructure service providers in Europe that adopted the first Code of Conduct in order to define how to store and process data within the European Economic Area.

Aruba is a Day-1 Member of Gaia-X and part of the Lighthouse project Structura-X. In March 2023, the company became an active node of Gaia-X Digital Clearing House to support companies in complying with federated cloud services.

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