About Us

Aruba S.p.A., founded in 1994, is the leading company in Italy for data center, web hosting, email, certified email (PEC) and domain registration services. It operates in four different business areas: Data Centers, Cloud, Hosting and Domains, e-Security and Certified Services.

Aruba is also active in the key European markets including France, the UK and Germany, and is the market leader in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with an established presence in Poland and Hungary.

The company has a huge amount of experience in the management of data centers, with a European network capable of hosting around 25,000 racks.

Aruba manages over 2 million domains, more than 7 million email accounts, 5 million PEC accounts, more than 100,000 physical and virtual servers and a total of around 5 million customers. It offers hosting services, public and private cloud services, housing and colocation services, dedicated servers, digital signatures, digital preservation, e-billing, certified email, SSL certificates and smart-cards.

Thanks to Aruba Business, it offers all its own services to a vast network of IT partners, and via its Pratiche.it brand, it provides document delivery and recovery services throughout Italy. Since 2014 it has been the Official Registry for the prestigious ".cloud” extension.

Over 4.7 million customers
Over 12.4 millionusers
Over 2.1 million registered and managed domains
Over 1.25 million sites active in Hosting
Over 7.4 million email accounts managed
Over 5 million PEC email accounts
Over 100.000 servers managed
Over 100.000 m2 of covered area dedicated to data centers
  Over140 Gbps connectivity between Data Centers and Internet

Business Line

Aruba Hosting

All the tools to start selling and get noticed online

  • Hosting
  • Domains
  • Email
  • e-Commerce
  • Web Site
  • Web Marketing
Aruba Cloud

Maximum flexibility and performances for your IT infrastructure

  • Cloud VPS
  • Cloud PRO
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Object Storage
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Domain Center
Aruba eSecurity

To save and simplify company processes

  • PEC - Certified email
  • SPID
  • Digital signature
  • E-billing
  • Digital preservation
  • Time stamping
  • Smart card
Aruba Data Center

Provision and management of servers and IT infrastructures

  • Servers
  • Housing & Colocation
  • Racks
  • Managed services
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
Aruba Business

Become a Partner and benefit from all the advantages

  • The widest range of products, services and solutions
  • Simple and powerful management tools
  • Support for creating complex IT solutions
  • Technical support and advice 24/7
  • Exclusive and custom price list
  • Reliable and quality technology
Aruba Pratiche

Online documents and title searches: all the services to receive Public Administration documents directly at home

  • Property Registration Authority
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Italian Agency of the Territory
  • Registry office / Municipality
  • Motor Registration office and vehicle documents
  • Trial court
  • Revenue agency
  • Other offices

The Aruba Group

Gruppo Aruba


Aruba Pec
Aruba PEC (www.pec.it) was founded in 2006 as a Certified Manager accredited by the AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) and present on the public list of managers of Certified Mail. Since 2007 is accredited as a Certification Authority qualified to issue digital signatures and smart cards. In 2007 it also received the ISO 27001 :2005 Certification and the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification. It currently represents the leading PEC manager with more than 5 million managed accounts.

Actalis S.p.A. (www.actalis.it)is part of the Aruba Group since 2009. This company designs, develops and manages e-security services and solutions. It is a certified PEC manager and accredited as a Certification Authority by the Agency for Digital Italy. It offers products and services aimed at business users, both public and private. These services include digital signature, certified email, digital preservation, authentication and certification solutions. Through Actalis, Aruba has strengthened its presence in the Banking and Finance sectors for the provision of PKI, Token and Strong Authentication.

gruppo Forpsi
The FORPSI group (www.forpsi.com)operates in central Europe since 1997. With its HQ in Ktiš (Czech Republic) and its seats in Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia, it offers a range of internet services including domains, web hosting, dedicated servers, VPS and housing solutions. The company is part of the Aruba group since 2005 and is currently the biggest registrar of domains in the Czech Republic. In addition FORPSI offers services related to cloud through its trademark FORPSICLOUD in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and with ARUBACLOUD in Poland and Hungary.

Aruba Business
Aruba Business s.r.l. (business.aruba.it) part of the Aruba Group, established in 2015 with the aim to create a single channel dedicated to the market of IT professionals and Business Partners.
The team, made up by professionals with years of experience gained in the field and within the Aruba group offers, besides IT services such as Web Hosting , Domains, Cloud, e-Security and Data Center services, strategic projects which are custom created and managed to suit the client together with solutions aimed at resellers interested in offering a full portfolio of services to their clients.

Aruba SaS (www.arubacloud.com) is a French company created in 2012. With its offer Aruba Cloud provides French and international businesses 360º cloud services also thanks to the Aruba international data center network.

XandMail (www.xandmail.com)is a company based in Paris specialized in the development and customization of software for webmail and mobile.

Namecase (www.namecase.com)is a company founded in 2011 based in Bonn (Germany) and specialized in the domain aftermarket. Through the portal Namecase.co it offers services like domain brand protection and occupied domain analysis, monitoring and recovery. Through Nidoma.com (www.nidoma.com) it offers services for domainers such as name registration, analysis, brokering and trade, management of great portfolios and domain dropcatching.

Pratiche.it (www.pratiche.it)entered the Aruba group in 2013 and for more than 10 years it has been the leader in locating and providing online documentation of Public Administrations, Commercial Information Services and as a back-up for technical and bureaucratic records. Made up of a team of architects, engineers, surveyors, accountants and lawyers who work to simplify the life of companies and citizens, Homeonline is proving to be a reality in continuous growth and evolution, aiming at guaranteeing a service coverage on the whole national territory, distinguishing itself for quality and efficiency.


Data Center Network

Data Center Aruba

The group services are provided from 4 privately owned Data Centers. Two of these are in Arezzo, Italy, and the fourth is in Ktiš, Czech Republic, and is mostly dedicated to countries of central and eastern Europe. These Data Centers are extended by Partner facilities which supply services at a European level from Milan, Prague, Frankfurt, Paris, London and Varsavia.

The choice of having two close data centers in Italy (2,1 km) allows us to replicate data from one facility to another in real-time and was made to give us the opportunity to offer our customers great redundancy and high performance. The development of disaster recovery solutions is simplified by the position of the two data centers in Arezzo, half way between Rome and Milan.

I Aruba Data Centers, provided with the most modern technological standards and with advanced security systems, connect to the internet at over 80 Gb/s and guarantee a transmission capacity which is two times the effective capacity required, this ensures service continuity and quality.

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Registered offices

Aruba S.p.A.

Via San Clemente, 53 - 24036 Ponte San Pietro (BG)

P.IVA 01573850516 - C.F.  04552920482

C.S. € 4.000.000,00 i.v.

Aruba PEC S.p.A. - Sole shareholder company

Via San Clemente, 53 - 24036 Ponte San Pietro (BG)

P. IVA 01879020517 - C.F.  01879020517

C.S. € 6.500.000,00 i.v.