Aruba Fiber PRO (Download 1 Gbps - Upload 500 Mbps)*
Fee 27.78 + VAT/month
Aruba Fiber PRO White Areas (Download 1 Gbps - Upload 500 Mbps)**
Fee 27.78 + VAT/month
Wi-Fi Router Included
Landline Included
Calls included: Landlines and mobiles in Italy (unlimited)
Calls per use: Phone price list for international calls and special numbers
Download 2,5 Gbps (optional)*** 5,74 + VAT/month
Download 2,5 Gbps white areas (optional) 2,46 + VAT/month
Upload 500 Mbps (optional)**** 1.64 + VAT/month
Static IPv4 address Included
Potential extra costs  
Unnecessary intervention during activation 65.57 + VAT
Unnecessary intervention during on-site assistance 73.76 + VAT
Custom installation 57.37 + VAT
On-site work after activation 73.76 + VAT

* If you already have a compatible FTTH connection, you can switch to Aruba and still use the same network infrastructure.
** White areas are those locations in which installing a new connection to the FTTH network takes longer.
*** Not available in sections of FTTH network which are subject to restrictions, the service already includes 500 Mbps Upload.
**** Not available in sections of the FTTH network which are subject to limitations. Service already included in the standard configuration for white areas.