SPID Aruba ID Personal - Activation FREE
Level 1 security (username and password)
Level 2 security using Aruba OTP app
Free renewal

Identity confirmation methods

Identification via webcam 24.90 + VAT
Identification using Digital Signature 9.90 + VAT
Identification using Remote Digital Signature 9.90 + VAT
Identification using Health Insurance Card-CNS (TS-CNS) or National Services Card (CNS) 9.90 + VAT
Identification using Electronic ID Card (CIE) FREE

Additional services

Level 2 security using OTP Display 10.00 + VAT/year
Delivery charge (first purchase only) 10.00 + VAT
Level 3 security using National Services card (CNS) 14.90 + VAT/anno
Health Insurance Card-CNS, National Services Card or Digital Signature with CNS
Level 3 security using Aruba Remote Digital Signature 14.90 + VAT/anno